About Sky Harbor Lab

This is the U.S.A.! It’s easier than you think to fly up to the sky.

Sky Harbor Lab offers pleasures of flying to many people, originating from airports. Examples of such offers include various flight tours, introductory demo flights, airport events, and so on. Especially, we encourage and strongly support those rusty pilots, who haven't flown after getting their pilot's licenses, to return to flying again. It's really fun to fly high in the sky, and the goal of our research at Sky Harbor Lab is to share that fun with you.
Sceneries only you can see will be there. Everyone, regardless of age, is welcome!

Rusty Pilot

Feel that excitement again! Rusty pilots, who haven’t flown for a long time, can enjoy flying in the American skies safely and happily with a Japanese flight instructor on board.
You can choose a destination airport. A full range of activities are available after the arrival. Make a fresh debut in the American skies using your pilot’s license.

Intro Demo Flight

You can fly a plane without a pilot's license.
No license is required for an introductory demo flight because there are two control yokes provided in the cockpit. You will experience all flight maneuvers from takeoff to landing as a pilot. An FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) will teach you how to fly in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner.

Flight Tour

In addition to introductory demo flights, Sky Harbor Lab also wants to inform you of our charter flight tour using a twin-engine aircraft carrying 19 passengers.
Although the charter company is different from Sky Harbor Lab, you can enjoy a flight at ease with thoughtful service provided by its pilots. It is highly recommended for traveling with a large group.

Drone Services

As technologies advance, there are more different ways to enjoy flying in the sky.
Aside from a glass cockpit to increase safety of the flight, you are now able to record fond memories of your travels with a more realistic sense of “being there” by using a drone.
It is easy and safe for anybody to operate a drone.
We provide training on drone operations and rental aircrafts. We also offer aerial photo-shooting and video recording services per your request. Please contact us for the details of these services.

Aircraft RentalAircraft Rental

Sky Harbor Lab is offering aircraft rental. As long as you meet the FAR requirements for pilot certificates, currency, and pass the rental check out flight. You will be allowed to rent the aircraft based on the check out condition.
You're welcome to bring your friends to flight for fun, or rent the aircraft for a few days on your flight trip. Please feel free to ask us the details.