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Aircraft Rental

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Aircraft Rental

Sky Harbor Lab is offering aircraft rental. As long as you meet the FAR requirements for pilot certificates, currency, and pass the rental check out flight. You will be allowed to rent the aircraft based on the check out condition.
You're welcome to bring your friends to flight for fun, or rent the aircraft for a few days on your flight trip. Please feel free to ask us the details.

Sling LSA

Sling LSA $150/hr


C152 $140/hr


C172 $160/hr


R22 $310/hr

Cautionary Notes
  • Flyable range will be depends on pilot level.
  • Renter is required to have a checkout flight prior to rental.
  • Flight review may be conducted at checkout flight if necessary.
  • CFI instruction fee $90/hr.
  • Insurance is included for dual flights however, renter's insurance is required for solo aircraft rentals.
  • There is no hidden fees except aircraft fee and instructor fee as necessary.
  • There is no member fees or club fee.
  • There are complimentary headsets for pilot and passengers.
  • The rental fee mentioned above does not include fuel. An additional fuel surcharge will be applied.